Feb 25, 2014
@ 9:17 am

Why take a TEFL course?

Let’s take French as an example. If you would like to know French it’s not advisable to just take someone who knows French so that he or she can teach you French. You will need to look for someone who knows French and is an expert in teaching French as well.
A TEFL course will with no doubt give you the knowledge about the major different parts of English language. You will also learn on how to teach them. Without learning this prior to going to the classroom to teach it would be a waste of time. A recent study have showed that those who do take this course have been successful in their teaching English as a foreign language.
The TEFL course will also help you to deal with classroom management so that you will be able to cope with some situations when they arise. You will also be taught how you can keep improving as you continue teaching. You will also feel good to find that post-qualifitions experience matters a lot. Most employers might be checking if you have a 100+ tuition which needs to include teaching observation.

These are just few of the examples of why you need to take this course. Am hoping to provide more on this topic in the next article. When you will be going for the Tefl, you will be knowing what to expect and how it will be of help to you and also how the knowledge will help improving the life of others. Sometimes, some people tend to go for something while they don’t clearly understand the benefits or risks associated with what they are going for. Contact us if you need help with tefl london.


Feb 25, 2014
@ 8:57 am

If you still don’t know what TEFL certification is and also wondering how it can help you; On today’s post I will discuss the basic information of anything you need to know about TEFL.
A TEFL course is taken by someone who wants to qualify in teaching English as a foreign language. This course prepares you for teaching jobs abroad. In order to get the certificate you need to take a online course or take a four weeks TEFL teaching course. Most of the people who choose TEFL are more competent and successful. Below are few reasons why you should take a TEFL course.

TEFL Certificates are the only certificates accepted in most schools.

Do you want to spend your time with a course that will give you the best opportunities out there? If yes, then this is for you. With a TEFL Certificate you will easily get a teaching job and better as opposed to other courses.

Preparing you for cultural differences while working overseas

This is one of the best things you can do. The course will be specifically designed for the region you are moving in. Therefore you will benefit by learning the culture of the place even before you get there. This will help you to be aware of what to expect and what not to expect.

Know other future teachers on the course

This normally provides you with social relationships with other teachers that might have taught the same. You can also learn how to explore the place that you will be moving to.

Explore a new part of the world

Having a TEFL certificate will help you explore various places of the world. You certificate will be accepted in schools no matter where you go. You will be happy to always go to new places. Contact us for TEFL course in London.


Feb 25, 2014
@ 8:55 am